Why should you install landscape lights?
SAFETY – Avoid tripping on steps, pathways and decks.
SECURITY – Deter unwanted guests (persons and animals) from your property.
UTILITY – Use your outdoor living space after the sun goes down.
BEAUTY – Make your home and garden dramatic and beautiful at night.

What should you light?
Considering the reasons listed above, take a walk around your property during the day, evening and night.
·  Are you concerned about avoiding trips and falls in the dark?
·  Do you want to deter unwanted persons or animals at night?
·  Is there a part of your home or landscaping that you would like to highlight or dramatize?
·  Are you planning to use your outdoor “rooms” for entertainment in the evening or late at night?
·  What lighting is already in place (patios, porches, street, doors, garage)?
Once you’ve determined what areas you would like to like light, make a quick sketch of the property including
buildings, existing and potential power sources and mark areas to bathe in light. Next, consider the lighting
techniques below to determine the kind of lamp and wattage.

Typical fixtures: mushrooms, tulip lights, lanterns, tier lights, specialty lights
These low impact or shielded lights face down to the ground or paths to add safety, security and visibility for walking. Path
landscape lighting evenly and clearly light pathways, walkways and water elements like ponds and waterfalls while avoiding
glare. The idea is to create pools of light that you walk in and out of not an airport runway effect. Sometimes, path lighting
can be achieved by mounting a fixture behind tall greenery allowing some light to filter onto paths while also illuminating the

Typical fixtures: spot/accent lights, specialty lights
Bring your deck to life at night and help guests navigate stairs safely with specialized step and deck lighting. Fixtures can
be installed beneath benches, as recessed lights in the risers of steps, and as surface lights on vertical posts and below

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